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Execute various of factories on cloud. Work more efficiently like never before.

The best software for your consistently growth in business is comes to you in real-time. E-jewels software is faster and more convenient in usage than any other software which is out there. Our teams are highly productive and much more interactive , that can help in done your job faster. Inbuilt productive function is so easy and understandable for anyone. Put your all valuable efforts with us and witness its triumph together.

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Order Management

  • Design Selection **
  • Order Tracking System
  • ETA - Updates Alerts
  • Diamond Requirement
  • Gold/Metal Requirement

Production Operation

  • Engage Metrical
  • Casting Process
  • Production Process
  • Dust Recovery
  • Barcode Technology

Billing and Finance

  • Billing Integration
  • Account Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Portal
  • More Mobile Features

More Controls

  • Job Work Contractor
  • Customer Inventory
  • Ecommerce Orders
  • Mobile Orders
  • Requirement
Scalable solution for your surging business

uses cloud platform, have broadened it’s horizon to as many as user needed, and at the same time handling large transactions in speedy way.

Measure inventory control

The memo inventory is tracked separately than the in-hand stock.

valuation can be on the fixed price or on the weighted overall basis.

stock can be handled by physical inventory.

Tag print and barcode

Tag print your image or log and information

barcode entry can be faster in billing processing.

Group chat functionality

interact with your peers inside your work zone with messaging.