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Execute various of factories on cloud. Work more efficiently like never before.

Better business outcome, we tends to elevate the experience of using ERP. To ensure that, we intended to look at the entire system and refined it app by app thoroughly. All the key factors run smooth like vendor or customer relationship management are such never before. we built great new capabilities into the communication interface that put need to know information in real time at smartphone. Consequently, your business look so fresh with all the power simplicity that you desired.

Grow Your company into a customer-focused organization.

Inventory Management

  • Jewellery Stock
  • Raw Material
  • Solitaire Stones
  • Cost Valuation
  • Design and Tag Barcoding

Book Keeping

  • Sales | Purchase | Memo
  • Goods Returns
  • Repair Orders
  • Tax invoice
  • Wastage & Discounts
  • Ornament Exchange

Vendor Management

  • Job Work Management
  • Issue Diamonds | Gold
  • Job Wise Material
  • Billing and Invoice

More Features

  • Multi-POS (Branches)
  • Online Sales (B2B, B2C)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Virtual Showcase (I-Pad)
  • Customer Database
  • CRM and Marketing
Scalable solution for your surging business

uses cloud platform, have broadened it’s horizon to as many as user needed, and at the same time handling large transactions in speedy way.

Measure inventory control

The memo inventory is tracked separately than the in-hand stock.

valuation can be on the fixed price or on the weighted overall basis.

stock can be handled by physical inventory.

Tag print and barcode

Tag print your image or log and information

barcode entry can be faster in billing processing.

Group chat functionality

interact with your peers inside your work zone with messaging.